About Me

"The engineers of the future will be poets."
-Terence McKenna

Desmond Astaire is a speculative fiction storyteller from Central Illinois, where he navigates the journey of life alongside a devoted wife and forever-loved son. In his other life, Astaire is a senior leader for a public relations department, supervising the training, development, and operations of multimedia content creators. Prior to this, he worked in the photojournalism field for 10 years.

Astaire’s lifelong obsession with science fiction and fantasy was forged as a child in the halls of local public libraries. The addiction was enabled by reading programs like Accelerated Reader and BOOK IT!, and the revelation to write professionally was born after the discovery of Dean Wesley Smith’s Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthology.

Astaire can be found Saturday mornings in Peoria metro area coffee shops conducting weekly writing sessions and trying to live Denzel Washington’s adage that “Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment.”

Astaire was first published as a first-place winner and Golden Pen recipient of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Vol. 38 in June 2022. Additional Astaire stories are slated for publication in 2023 in the Murderbirds! anthology and ZNB Presents magazine.

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