From L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen winner Desmond Astaire comes fourteen short stories spanning time travel to parallel universes to artificial intelligence and beyond, collected in one book for the first time—including new stories never seen before.

A cop can stop time, but at an irreversible cost. A bartender with a vendetta against the future must determine if his customer is a time traveling tourist. Two angels discuss the meaning of life in a godless universe over lattes. An FBI agent and his witch confidential informant hunt for an interstate killer using magic bullets. An Air Force staff sergeant vanished for nine days but was years older when found. Do you believe the government’s story or the Otherworld Theory?

Get lost in a labyrinth of imagination in this first collection of speculative fiction stories by award-winning, best-selling author Desmond Astaire.

Stories featured in Epoch-1:

Cherenkov Time

Don’t Speak to the Children

Gale’s Universal Escape Plan


It’s a Nash Equilibrium, Then

Just a Latte

Laurel Leaves’ Message

Love, Hate, and Dog Brain

Obsidian Grackle

Old Dean


Peacemaker Awakens

The Otherworld Theory

You are the Mother of Doomsday